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Benson Enterprises, Inc.
16B Pasco Dr.
East Windsor, CT 06088
Email: mrbense@cox.net
Cell Phone: (860) 690-1175
Commercial office units are clean, modern, and bright. Unusual window designs let in the natural daylight; kitchenettes add to your comfort. Open stairways lead to the upstairs office space, which are designed with an open central meeting or work space surrounded by enclosed offices. Our office units feature DSL category wiring for telephone and cable access. Another unusual feature: a second-floor deck with beautiful views of the Village.

Our two-story commercial space features custom options depending upon your business needs. Possibilities include:

  • Open Staircase to The Second Floor
  • Custom-designed Meeting, Office or Workspaces
  • Kitchenettes
  • Computer Server Area
  • Storage Space

Some units have an upstairs condominium for your living quarters that is linked to your downstairs business. Imagine the convenience of living and working in a secure village environment!


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