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Benson Enterprises, Inc.
16B Pasco Dr.
East Windsor, CT 06088
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Here's an unparalleled opportunity to join other growing firms investing in their business futures through office, retail or residential ownership at the Village at Pasco's Common.

Located in East Windsor, CT, you can strategically position your firm 15 minutes from Hartford or Springfield, MA. With easy access from Interstate Route 91 and a 25,000 car count per day on Route 5 (South Main Street), this is the ideal location to establish your business. You can even establish residency, if desired and maintain both home and business in one building. This "village" concept is a revival of a centuries-old tradition.

The Village at Pasco's Common is a uniquely historic campus, offering condominium ownership, rental, or rental with the option to purchase. Properties range from 200-2,000 sq. ft., and are designed to meet your specific needs in either office, retail or residential suites.

Pasco's Common currently houses many retail and service businesses in open plan or office spaces. As with the current properties, residents will be able to purchase or lease their unit.

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