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Benson Enterprises, Inc.
16B Pasco Dr.
East Windsor, CT 06088
Email: mrbense@cox.net
Cell Phone: (860) 690-1175
The Village at Pasco's Common is a unique residential and business campus located in East Windsor, CT. Condominium units, which can be rented or purchased, blend comfort and convenience with safety and security. A fully-appliance eat-in kitchen lets the daylight in through uniquely-designed windows, and a sliding glass door leads to the outdoor deck. Living rooms are light and airy, with unusual window and ceiling designs. Custom gas fireplaces offer additional warmth and comfort.  A central hallway leads to two bright, airy bedrooms and full bathroom/laundry room. Some of our residential owners also have a business on site, with easy access from their homes. This unusual blend of residential and commercial units gives the feeling of living and working in a true "village" environment.
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